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Restructuring and Insolvency Law Questions and Answers

The Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code regulates concordat, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. The Banking Code was revised in 2018 to include new provisions for those who owe money to financial institutions.

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 What are the “Employment Contracts”?

Employment contract is a specific agreement which an employee undertakes to work under the oversight of the employer, and the employer acknowledges to pay salary in return. As a rule, employment contracts are not subject to any special form unless otherwise indicated by the Law. There are various types of employment contracts which are account for the requirements. Nevertheless, the employment contracts to be made for a one-year period or more must be concluded in written form. In this article, the most common contract types are explained.

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Postponed Provisions of Turkish Code of Obligations  

Turkish Code of Obligations was accepted by The Grand National Assembly of Turkey on January 11, 2011 and entered into force as Law No. 6098 on 1 July 2012.  

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Information Technology Crimes

Informatics is defined as the regular and reasonable processing of information’s, especially via electronical devices, which is the basis of science, used by human beings in its communication in technical, economics and social fields, according to Turkish Language Association.

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Information Note on Dividend Distribution in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to Coronovirus Disease COVID-19 Pandemic, most of companies and enterprises have aligned their business operations to cope with the negative impact and mitigate the damages incurred. With an effort to avoid transmission and spread of the disease, a lock down has been imposed and activities at some of the business places have been temporarily halted until further notice.  Accordingly, real sector have been inevitably affected and financial outlook of the companies have been deteriorated as an adverse consequence of the disease. 

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