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Administrative Law

Administrative Law is a branch of Public Law regulating disputes between real and legal persons and administrative institutions.

From its inception, MGC Legal has been offering expert legal assistance in Administrative Law through its knowledgeable Administrative Law Attorneys. This support is provided upon direct request from the consulting companies and the firm’s domestic and international clients.

Individuals face administrative action at every stage of their daily lives. Today, the state regulates all the actions of individuals. These transactions, from time to time, contradict the interests of individuals and harm their interests.

In such cases, it will be possible to apply to the administration and file a lawsuit in the administrative court against the actions taken or neglected to be done. MGC Legal, with its expert and experienced team in the field of Administrative Law, provides legal support to its clients in such applications and lawsuits.

Legal entities may also come face-to-face with the administration from the beginning to the end their commercial activities. So, although even the process of obtaining a commercial business license is carried out with the approval of an administrative authority, these authorities may also be involved in the execution of commercial activities.

Again, legal entities may face administrative fines imposed by the administration during their activities. MGC Legal provides legal services for both making an application to the administration and filing an application or lawsuit for the cancellation of the actions taken by the administration.

In some transactions carried out by the administration, individuals or companies may also suffer losses. Persons whose rights have been violated due to these administrative actions and actions can compensate for their losses by filing a Full Judgment Action against the administration. In this way, trials to be held with or without a hearing are also MGC Legal’s areas of expertise.

It is also possible for administrative authorities to make victims of individuals by making regulatory actions that affect the lives of individuals. It is possible to apply to the Administrative Court for the annulment of the regulations made in this way and for the compensation of the damages, if any, of the individuals.

In addition to its experienced team, MGC Legal can get point-to-point legal opinions with its academically strong consultant staff in Administrative Law. Some administration operations can be done around special calculations and detailed legislation. In these cases, the evaluation of the event by independent and qualified persons may be critical for that judgment.

Services of MGC Legal in The Field of Administrative Law

MGC Legal, with its lawyers and attorneys who are experts in the field of Administrative Law, not only provides services in its Istanbul office but also has a wide service network where it can be with its clients in all points of Turkey with its solution partners.

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