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Company Consultancy Turkey

Company Consultancy in Turkey, Istanbul

What is Company Consultancy?

Company consultancy or legal consultancy is an advisory service that provides support in all kinds of legal transactions of companies. It includes many legal issues, from the follow-up of the cases to which the companies are a party to the trade receivable and debt relations, from preparing legal contracts to the personnel relations. Company consultancy, also known as “corporate legal consultancy,” ensures that the necessary legal actions are taken to protect the brand’s value. So, what is legal counsel? What are the legal consultancy services provided? What are MGC Legal company consultancy services in Turkey? Here are the answers.

What is Legal Consultancy?

Legal consultancy is a concept that covers the services provided by legal counsel to companies, institutions or individuals on issues such as legal issues, legal regulations and contracts. Legal consultancy Turkey, which provides auditing of the legal and legal status of the company, institution or individuals, can also provide various legal advice. In addition to these, it is a legal mechanism that provides support in matters such as the follow-up of investigations and lawsuits and the prevention of disputes.

What is Corporate Legal Consultancy?

Corporate legal consultancy is a concept that refers to legal transactions that focus on commercial companies. It is professional legal services on corporate legal transactions, various contracts, national or international company ventures, company partnerships and mergers.

What is Legal Counsel?

Legal advisers provide professional support to companies, individuals, or institutions operating in various business lines in legal processes such as; contracts, agreements, audits, and regulations. Legal representatives provide solutions for legal problems when necessary. Legal counsel representing the company or institution in legal investigations and lawsuits of their clients are at the centre of the company advisory services.

What Are The Legal Consultancy Services Provided by MGC Legal in Turkey, Istanbul?

Some of the services offered by a legal consultant to companies within the scope of legal consultancy are as follows;

  • Personal data protection procedures,
  • Legal stages in company establishment processes,
  • Company dissolution and company mergers,
  • Company takeover processes,
  • Legal contracts on different subjects,
  • Capital increase or reduction processes,
  • Licensing processes,
  • Declaration and warning processes,
  • Company agreements,
  • Land registry and sales consultancy,
  • Tax consultancy,
  • Legal advice,
  • Criminal cases follow-up,
  • Follow-up of legal cases,
  • Litigation applications,
  • Legal consultancy,
  • Arrangements for disputes before the judiciary,
  • Developing legal strategies.

What You Need to Know About Company Consultancy in Turkey, Istanbul

  • There are important differences between corporate consultancy and attorneyship. Company advisory is a service that provides “preventive legal service.” Advocacy, on the other hand, provides compensatory services.
  • Company advisory services prevent the emergence of potential or potential legal problems.
  • Corporate legal consultancy is a service that supports the commercial activities of companies within the framework of legal rules.
  • Legal advisors should be competent to meet the expectations and demands of legal entities. Must have knowledge of commercial terms, corporate law and business matters.
  • Working procedures and principles of legal consultancy or company consultancy are determined according to the provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations and Attorneyship Law.
  • The attorney’s fee for legal counsel is determined in the Attorney’s Minimum Fee Schedule. Accordingly, a minimum amount has been determined in the tariff for the attorney’s fee that companies will pay to lawyers. Legal counsel attorney fee cannot be determined below this minimum amount!

MGC Legal Company Consultancy Services in Turkey, Istanbul

MGC Legal provides corporate legal consultancy services in Turkey to companies in matters such as corporate governance, contract preparation and contract negotiation. It also provides services such as; advising on the day-to-day business of companies, relations with government agencies, administrative review and investigations, and operations support services.

Our expert lawyers within MGC Legal make every effort to be the solution partner of their clients in the business world as a whole. Our corporate legal consultancy services in Turkey are provided according to the intensity of the companies’ business. All kinds of services within the scope of legal consultancy are provided in line with the plans made with the company management or related units.