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Protection of Personal Data in Istanbul, Turkey

Personal data forms the basis of the data stack called “Big Data.” All data is very valuable, especially for commercial purposes. Today, personal data has become a commercial commodity for legal or natural persons who process personal data.

For this reason, the use of personal data for commercial purposes without the consent of the individual poses a serious problem. In this context, personal data protection has become inevitable in the digital era. Personal data protection is regulated by the Personal Data Protection Law in Turkey, and there are also special regulations in various laws.

PDPL is a special law that regulates the protection and processing conditions of personal data of natural persons. So, what is PDPL? What is PDPL consultancy? Which sectors does PDPL cover? What are MGC Legal PDP services? Here are the answers.

What is Personal Data Protection Law?

The term “PDPL” is an abbreviation of the term “Personal Data Protection Law.” With this legislation, which was passed and became effective in 2016, several requirements were established, including the principles, goals, and legal grounds for which personal data can be handled and consequences in the event of non-compliance.

What is Personal Data Protection?

Protection of personal data is a system to protect personal data belonging to real persons. It binds the transactions made by real and legal persons who collect, process, store and transfer personal data to certain rules.

This framework is aimed to protect the constitutional rights of individuals. Personal data protection includes processing data within the conditions outlined in the PDPL and other special regulations and criminal sanctions if the data is processed outside of its purpose.

What is Done Within The Scope of PDPL Consultancy?

PDPL consultancy is a PDP consultancy service that provides solutions within the legislative framework and the scope of protecting personal data. In the consultancy of PDPL, comprehensive services such as; communication, information and compliance with the law, legal measures and technical applications are offered. So, what does the PDPL consultant do?

  • Taking administrative and technical measures to prepare the necessary policies, procedures, inventory and documents for relevant persons in accordance with the sector within the scope of PDPL,
  • Making revisions of the policies and procedures required for compliance with the data controller in line with the published legislative changes, board decisions and judicial decisions,
  • Preparing the clarification text to be made to the relevant persons,
  • Preparing an application form for the data controller to be used by the relevant persons,
  • Harmonization of personnel, supply and confidentiality agreements with PDPL,
  • Informing the relevant personnel of the company about PDPL procedures and increasing their awareness,
  • Preparation of VERBIS registration process,
  • Analysis of data and processing as inventory,
  • Legal applications and follow-ups,
  • PDPL process follow-up and training.

Some technical services can also be provided under PDPL consultancy. Support is provided on many technical issues, from web applications to server operations, e-mails to databases and communication infrastructure.

Who Should Get PDPL Consultancy Service?

PDPL imposes important responsibilities on real and legal persons who process personal data, especially digital. For this reason, the PDP consultancy service is for real and legal persons who process personal data.

So, which sectors should receive PDPL consultancy? Some of the sectors and business lines within the scope of PDPL are as follows;

  • Social Network providers,
  • Companies operating in the field of trade, service and manufacturing sectors,
  • Non-governmental organizations,
  • E-commerce sites or platforms,
  • Private health and education institutions,
  • Companies that share information on the internet,
  • Institutions and organizations that collect and process personal data,
  • Companies that provide server, hosting and domain services.

In summary, real and legal persons who process personal data should receive PDPL consultancy service. PDPL consultancy is strategically important to avoid possible sanctions and use the data per PDPL principles and legislation.

What Are MGC Legal PDPL Services in Istanbul, Turkey?

MGC Legal Law Firm provides services with expert lawyers on Personal Data Protection Legislation (PDPL). Within the scope of PDPL, maximum sensitivity is shown for the processing of personal data under the relevant legislation.

MGC Legal PDP services are as follows;

  • Determining the purpose of collecting and processing personal data with clients,
  • Analyzing the obligations of the clients according to the field of activity to the finest detail,
  • Preparation of internal functioning and PDP policies,
  • Creating an in-house “PDP Guide”,
  • Effective implementation of the harmonization process and subsequent implementation,
  • Carrying out awareness-raising activities on education and PDPL.

Our expert PDPL team, which closely follows national and international developments on PDP, provides the necessary support for its clients to keep up with the new personal data-based economic order globally.

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