MGC Legal – A Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

MGC Legal - Turkish Law Firm

MGC Legal is a Law firm in Turkey that can provide legal services globally with its English-speaking Turkish attorneys. Our Istanbul-based law firm handles legal issues with the understanding of a full-service law firm in Istanbul and from a results-oriented perspective.

As a business partner of Andersen Global, our legal company, which is also the solution to the lack of an international law firm in Turkey, continues to provide its clients with English-speaking lawyers with an understanding of a full-service law firm in international legal matters.

A Prominent Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

MGC Legal is a multinational law firm in Turkey with multiple offices in Istanbul. With its corporate service strategy, it provides end-to-end legal solutions. MGC Legal manages legal proceedings with an outcome-oriented attitude, thanks to its dynamic and professional English-speaking lawyer workforce.

What Are The Services Provided By Our Law Firm in Istanbul?

As a law firm in Istanbul, we keep our legal service scale at the highest level. We offer solution-oriented legal services without sacrificing service quality. We have a professional legal team specialised in every field of law.

Likewise, we have a large staff of legal consultants, consisting of the world’s leading expert academics and professionals. Furthermore, we aim to provide effective legal solutions to our foreign clients within the framework of the most up-to-date and accurate information on legal matters.

English-speaking Turkish Attorneys

Our English-speaking Turkish lawyers are ready to support you with all the legal issues you may need in Turkey. Our law office, which is both headquartered in the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul, is capable of providing the legal services you require all over Turkey.

Mostly, we assist our foreign clients in matters such as; establishing a company in Turkey, immigration services and opening a bank account. Also, we provide real estate purchasing processes and management, commercial disputes, corporate governance, company consultancy, tax services, commercial contracts, marriage, divorce and inheritance.

High-Quality Turkish Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

Considered to be of the highest quality and the services provided outstanding, an experienced legal team specialised in different legal fields as well as staff consultants who work with the world’s leading academics and professionals from abroad. MGC Legal aims to ensure that its clients access up-to-date and accurate legal information.

What Are The Services Provided By MGC Legal?

MGC Legal provides 360-degree legal services according to the needs and expectations of its clients. In this context, the areas we focus on for legal and consultancy services in Istanbul are as follows;

Please see our services page for more detailed information.

MGC Legal, a high-quality Turkish legal firm, is here to assist you with an immigration lawyer in Istanbul.

What Are The Services Provided By MGC Consultancy in Turkey?

MGC Legal provides legal services in Turkey on a global scale. It is the first and only business partner of Andersen Global, a US-based international consultancy company, in Turkey. Andersen Global provides legal and consultancy services to commercial enterprises in the field of tax, valuation and finance on a global scale. Andersen Global, which has expert staff in the field of tax and law, has independent member companies. Thanks to its global collaborations, it operates at approximately 270 locations.

MGC Legal, as a law firm in Turkey, provides reliable legal consultancy services in Istanbul globally in partnership with Andersen Global. MGC Legal was selected as the “Law Firm of The Year in Real Estate” in 2017 by Lawyer Monthly, one of the world’s most respected law and business publications that rewards law firms and lawyers.

What Are The Business and Consulting Collaborations of MGC Legal?

MGC Legal is also a member of distinguished legal, business and consulting organisations and associations:

MGC Legal Istanbul law firm provides legal, advocacy and consultancy services to its individual and corporate clients within the framework of the relevant legislation. It offers holistic solutions in fields of law such as labour law, criminal law, family law, commercial law, consumer law, real estate law, enforcement & bankruptcy law. Reliable and solution-oriented service is provided in legal processes.

As an Istanbul law firm, MGC Legal provides legal consultancy support in many different areas such as; disputes, mediation, investment consultancy and company consultancy. Istanbul legal consultancy processes analyse the clients’ needs, expectations, and possible results.

If you are looking for a law attorney in Istanbul, Turkey, you are at the right address.

Would You Like to Make a Career in a Law Office in Turkey?

MGC Legal is one of the best law firms in Turkey. If you want to make a carrier with the best lawyers in Turkey, you can send your applications via our website to join us. All your applications will be kept confidential. Click here to access the clarification text. You can be part of the MGC Legal family and practise law with qualified lawyers in Turkey.