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Criminal Law Services in Turkey

Criminal law is the branch of law that regulates human behavior that constitutes a crime and determines the sanctions to be applied against them.

Criminal Law Services in Turkey

Since the day it was founded, MGC Legal has provided legal support with the assistance of its experienced criminal law attorneys in the field of criminal law, both in the event that the businesses it offers consulting to and its employees who were involved in criminal disputes as well as at the express request of its domestic and international clients.

Starting from a Power of Attorney (PoA) to be issued by foreign clients from abroad, MGC Legal has a large Criminal Law team with foreign language proficiency to provide legal support in all processes, including organizing the bringing of documents that will benefit the domestic proceedings from abroad.

These legal supports include many services such as accompanying clients’ statements during the investigation and prosecution phases, following the investigations carried out by the judicial authorities, activating the judicial authorities to carry out investigations about the people who harmed their clients, and providing support for internal investigations. MGC Legal can analyze the internal audit companies’ need intensely and legally by meticulously examining the transactions.

Our team is specialized in crimes that are becoming more prevalent today and are challenging to identify, such as economic crimes or white-collar crimes, such as fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, crimes of opposition to the CMB Law, banking embezzlement, tender rigging, and bribery. We also offer multilateral legal support for these crimes. By engaging in disciplinary actions, other authorities are approached in legal proceedings to seek compensation for the losses suffered by the clients.

Large-scale companies face many information-document requests from official authorities due to their activities and high employment. MGC Legal provides the most accurate answers to official authorities’ requests without its clients’ responsibility.

In addition, they are provided with a constant flow of information in the files to which their clients are parties, new developments are communicated without delay, and the developments in their files are reported periodically.

In addition, our team, which has a high level of practical experience in enforcement law, protects the freedoms of its clients and strives to implement the most favorable regime. Again, clients are never left alone in prison or detention house meetings.

In addition to its experienced team, MGC Legal can get point-to-point opinions (legal opinion) with its academically strong consultant staff in Criminal Law. These considerations can be of key importance, especially in economic crimes, due to the complexity of the acts that take place.

What Does MGC Legal Do Under Criminal Law in Turkey?

MGC Legal, with its lawyers and attorneys who are experts in criminal law, not only provides services in its Istanbul office but also has a wide network of solution partners where it can be with its clients in all points of Turkey.

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