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What is Web Tapu?

What is Web Tapu?

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We recommend that you read the following article to learn more information. A web tapu (web deed or digital deed) is a project the Turkish government implements. The project aims to reduce the processes of title deed transactions. The word “Tapu” means “title deed” in English; this article aims to answer your questions regarding what is a digital title deed? Or What is an electronic title deed? Keep reading to find out the answers to your questions.

Web tapu or web deed is a project implemented by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM). The project aims to reduce the processes of title deed transactions. In addition, providing title deed services online; aims to be carried out quickly and with high quality. The e-Devlet authentication system secures the web tapu system integrated into the e-Devlet system.

The web tapu system enables real and legal persons to track and manage their immovables, which brings many processes required for the title deed to the internet, from web tapu application processes to web deed inquiries. So, what is a web deed? How to get a web tapu appointment? How is the web tapu application tracking process done? How to make a web tapu inquiry? You can find answers to these and similar questions about web deeds in our article.

How to Get a Web Title Deed Appointment?

The digital title deed system allows citizens to access all deed services with individual web tapu entries. With the web deed corporate login, the company officials can learn the web deed inquiries or the registration information of the immovables and make a web tapu appointment without having to go to the title deed offices of the companies registered in the trade registry. So, how to get a web deed appointment?

Land registry appointments were obtained from the land registry offices in person. The application request was opened to the land registry directorates early on, and the necessary title deeds were delivered to the Land Registry Directorate. Then, suppose the Land Registry Officers approve the deed processing after examining the documents. In that case, If there was an appointment, deed transactions could be made on the same day in the afternoon or the day the officer made an appointment.

Web deed has ended this practice. Web deed appointment applications can be made online via e-Devlet. Thus, there is no need to go to the land registry offices. After examining the title deed documents, an SMS is sent to the web title applicant. Then, the web deed application tracking number and original documents are signed on the web deed appointment day. On the other hand, a web deed appointment can also be obtained from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate call center with the number “181“.

The web title deed appointment procedures are as follows;

  • Login to www.tkgm.gov.tr website with an e-Devlet password.
  • Click the “Make Appointment” button.
  • The next step is authentication.
  • Contact information is added.
  • The Land Registry Office is selected.
  • The action to be taken in the deed is selected.
  • The appointment date is selected.
  • Web deed appointment confirmation is given.

It is that easy to make a web title deed appointment online without going to the Land Registry and Cadastre Offices. Then the amount of mortar is reported. SMS is sent after fees are paid.

How to Make a Web Title Deed Application?

Web deed entry is an extremely practical system in deed transactions. The web title system, available for real persons and companies, can also be used for legal entities. The Turkish government implemented web deeds with the slogans “Short Way to Deed” and “One Click Deed“. So, how to apply for a web deed and follow a web deed application?

The web title deed application process is as follows;

  • You can log in to the web title deed site with the e-Devlet password or with individual or corporate login options.
  • For a web title deed appointment, it is necessary to visit www.tkgm.gov.tr ​​and click on the “E-Appointment” tab in the top menus.
  • The requested information is entered in the relevant fields. This information includes information such as the name and surname of the buyer, TR Identity Number, mobile phone number,
  • the current market price of the municipality, and the sale price.
  • TCIP policy number is added in the relevant field, and the municipality’s current value letter is uploaded.
  • The necessary title documents for the web title application are uploaded to the system online.
  • The land registry officer examines the land registry documents.
  • If there is no missing or problem in the documents, the web title deed applicant is notified of the appointment date and time by SMS.
  • The parties sign the title deed personally on the date of appointment with the necessary fee payments and the original documents of the buyer and seller, and the title deed transfer or real estate sale is finalized.

After the above processes, a web title application is created. The message sent to the applicant for the title deed transfer appointment also includes information about the fees to be paid.

How to Track The Web Title Deed Application?

While the digital title deed system allows making an appointment online, it also allows tracking the web deed application. A web deed appointment will be given after applying for a web deed through the web portal of the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. After the web deed application, it is possible to track the status of the application; web deed appointment inquiry or web deed appointment cancellation transactions can be made through the same system.

Some of the transactions that can be done and tracked with the web deed system are as follows;

  • Land registry fees,
  • Revolving fund payments,
  • Authorization procedures,
  • Transactions related to real estate,
  • Document verification processes,
  • Web deed application or web deed appointment processes tracking and changes.

Thanks to the web title deed system, deed transactions have become secure in the electronic environment. Documents can be requested through this system. It can also authorize third parties for a title deed. After the web deed entry, the deed registration status and location information can be viewed and tracked.

How to Enter The Web Title Deed System?

It is possible to do many deed transactions with web deed entry. Access to the web land registry system, which reduces the burden of the land registry offices and speeds up the land registry processes, is quite simple. For entry to the digital title deed system, first of all, portal.tkgm.gov.tr ​​is visited. The e-Devlet password is first required for web deed system entry. Foreign nationals must obtain a foreign identity number or e-Devlet password to use the Web Land Registry System Individual Portal. Foreign nationals who cannot use the individual web title deed portal can visit the “For Foreigners” section and perform title deed transactions.

After logging in with the e-Devlet password for web deed entry transactions, the real estate or immovables owned in the web deed system can be seen. The “authorize” option is used so the buyer can see the immovable for sale or deed transfer. In the next step, the title deed transactions can be started with the “take action” option. The documents that the seller and the buyer have to give physically to the land registry directorate should be recorded in the web land registry system after they are digitally scanned or photographed.

How to Make a Web Title Deed Inquiry?

Web deed inquiries are a process that must be done before buying real estate. Previously, this process could have been done by applying to the land registry offices in person. With the web deed entry, deed inquiries can be made online. All immovable properties in the country are registered in the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. All information about real estate is included in the land registry records. For this reason, making a web deed inquiry before buying real estate is essential. So, how to make a web deed inquiry?

Web deed inquiry procedures are as follows;

  • Click the “Parcel Query” tab from the “E-Services” field on the www.tkgm.gov.tr ​​site.
  • The terms of use of the parcelsorgu.tkgm.gov.tr ​​site opened in a different tab can be accepted, and the web deed inquiry process can be started.
  • Then, the province, district, neighborhood, island, and parcel are selected from the menus on the left side of the page.
  • After the required information is entered, the “Query” button is clicked.

So, how to make a deed inquiry from the e-Devlet system?

  • You can log in to www.turkiye.gov.tr.
  • The “Deed Information Inquiry” page of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre opens.
  • All title deed information registered to the person can be seen on the open page.

On the other hand, TKGM’s web land registry portal also provides the opportunity to follow and query the land registry transactions of public institutions.

Pre-Payment Real Estate Transfer and Title Deed Transfer

Real estate can be managed online without going to the land registry and cadastre offices in the web land registry system. In the web deed system, 46 deed transactions can be made. These transactions include sales, donations, transfers, mortgages, and abandonment. In addition, 20 different cadastral operations, two mapping operations, five different Ottoman documents, and old registration documents can be done. How is the title deed transfer done before and before the cash payment real estate transfer with the web title entry?

  • Company or individual login can be made from webtapu.tkgm.gov.tr ​​address with an e-Devlet password.
  • On the open page, click on the “Apply” tab in the right menu.
  • The relevant real estate is selected, and the “Sale” button is clicked.
  • A description of the real estate as “province, district, district, island, the plot of sale” is written.
  • Buyer’s name, surname, TR Identity Number, mobile phone number, municipality’s current value, and sales price are added (numbers should be entered without a dot for current market value, only a comma should be used for cents. For example, 3138614,00).
  • TCIP policy number is added, and the current value letter of the municipality is loaded.
  • After these processes, the web deed application is made.
  • Necessary documents are uploaded to the system, and on the appointment day, the buyer and seller go to the land registry office with the originals of the documents and sign.

All digital title deeds can be carried out as a proxy by giving authorization. When the system is entered, the “Authorisation Transactions” section is on the left of the page. In this section, by clicking the “Authorise” tab, the immovable that is requested to be transferred from among the immovables owned can be authorized by entering the TR Identity Number of the relevant lawyer.

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