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Secondment – MGC Legal

MGC Legal supports its clients with secondment service to reinforce its clients’ in-house capacity with an appropriate profile whenever there is a shortage of resources and/or bottlenecks in the business. In this way, our clients enjoy on-site services backed by a strong external team, which means hands-on service is blended with enough expertise.

What is Secondment Service?

The primary advantage of qualified law firms is that they often handle the most complex and challenging cases without wasting their clients’ time. A professional law firm, which makes it easier for its clients to get rid of legal formalities, can easily solve legal disputes with its expert legal team in Turkey. Law is a competitive and respected industry that covers almost all societal aspects.

Business law firms, from civil law, criminal law, real estate and construction law, tax law, commercial disputes, labor law, mediation, company consultancy, and many more, provide quality services to their clients by adhering to ethical values. And now, in today’s dynamic environment, competent law firms such as MGC Legal bring a different breath to their services with the advantage of secondment service to those who face legal problems.

Legal companies with on-site legal services without distance and time barriers are reached through any communication channels, whether by phone or the internet; they direct and inform the individuals or institutions by going to the places where the individuals and institutions are located or through these channels. If the existing files are delivered to them, they provide suggestions on problem determination, file examination, possible results, precautions, and what to do.

What is The Scope of Secondment Service?

On-site service where advice is provided on corporate formations, corporate governance, employment issues, conflict avoidance and resolution, debt collection, labor law, civil law, commercial law, IT law, criminal law, and legal issues in every conceivable field and legal issues, as well as compliance with the legislation checklists. It also includes services such as preparing legal documents, notices and notices, contracts, and other legal documents.

Because every business and individual’s legal requirement is unique, on-site service is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Dedicated sourcing and tailored services are provided based on understanding legal requirements for seamless transactional and operational compliance. Company lawyers with on-site service where general external consultancy, individual and in-house legal services;

  • Provides legal advice and guidance.
  • Prepares contracts.
  • Conducts interviews with individuals and businesses at their addresses.
  • Attends hearings if necessary.
  • Reads witness statements.
  • Carries out evidence and research studies.

What Are The Secondment Services Offered by MGC Legal?

MGC Legal, a global law firm, strongly supports its clients in line with their needs and expectations, especially in terms of lack of resources, with its unrivaled local legal service option. Individuals or institutions experience the comfort of receiving on-site legal service with this strong expert legal support. MGC Legal assigns the appropriate legal staff when its clients seek cooperation and support in certain legal matters with on-site service.

Thanks to its flexible organization in the field of local legal service, MGC Legal works to meet the needs of those in need in a unique way. The scope of need may vary and may include different areas of law. Some of the legal fields of local service that it offers without the need to come to the firm with its sufficient knowledge, expertise, professional and dynamic lawyer staff, and its features are as follows:

What Are The Advantages of Secondment Service Provided by MGC Legal?

The foremost advantage of MGC Legal secondment service is that individuals and institutions can receive written or verbal legal consultancy services and find solutions to their legal problems without coming to the company. After contacting MGC Legal for an on-site legal consultancy service, an immediate response is made. MGC Legal, which offers the requested services for an affordable fee, focuses on all kinds of legal problems faced by institutions and individuals with great care.

It analyzes the legal violations and possible consequences in-depth and produces alternative solutions. MGC Legal’s expert staff in situation diagnosis and determination gathers all legal assistance under one umbrella daily and in a preliminary meeting. It alleviates the difficulties of legal requirements with its fast and efficient advice. It develops day by day to find the most efficient and cost-effective legal solutions to all legal issues.

Here are a few of the benefits of secondment services provided by MGC Legal:

  • Provision of immediate consultation on urgent legal needs to ensure legal compliance.
  • Protecting the interests of those facing different legal issues through regular legal advice.
  • Identification of the legal problems encountered.
  • Preparation of contracts, documents, and negotiations at various levels of commercial transactions.
  • Detailed examination of all the documents.
  • Preventing victimization with the most appropriate legal solutions.
  • Taking the necessary precautions after analyzing and determining possible results that the clients may encounter in the future.
  • Reaching the right information and alternative solutions to the problems.
  • Providing the most effective and most affordable on-site secondment service.

What Are The Responsibilities of MGC Legal in Secondment Services Provided to Institutions?

  • Providing accurate, relevant, and timely advice to the employer and other staff members on various legal matters relating to the business sector and its products or services.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Managing and mitigating legal risks by designing and enforcing company policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to the business.
  • Promoting legal compliance and risk management throughout the client company.
  • Communicating and managing third-party organizations such as external legal consultants or auditors.
  • Designing and delivering legal training to businesses.
  • To be up-to-date on legislative changes, especially regarding laws, rules, and regulations that directly affect the legal sector and relevant industry.
  • To solve the difficulties within the organization accurately and quickly.
  • Advising the company on human resources, employment, and business concerns.

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