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Investment Consulting in Turkey – MGC Legal

MGC Legal brings together businesses and investors for potential joint ventures under the “investment consulting” umbrella.

Investment consultancy, to investors, is a branch of finance specialization that provides investment products, advice, and planning. In recent years, the development of capital and related markets has brought investment consultancy to the fore. Thus, investment consultancy has become one of the most important instruments of the capital market. The factors that make investment advisory services necessary are the economic relations of the asset to be saved, the investment risk, and the asset size.

With investment consultancy comes the establishment, merger and acquisition (M&A) of companies, management of public offering processes, investment time and details of the process, asset investment planning, investment valuation, and obtaining investment permits required by the law. For both domestic and foreign investors, institutional and individual investors, legal services are provided on issues such as choosing the appropriate investor model, controlling the investment activity risk, preparing the documents needed for the investment, and legal evaluation of the investment.

What Are the Duties of Investment Advisors?

Investment advisors do in-depth work in formulating investment advisory strategies, meeting needs, and helping achieve financial goals. Many financial advisors and financial planners are considered investment advisors. An investment advisor works with investors to create an investment strategy. Investors can be individuals or businesses, from small to large. Investment markets and customer portfolios are constantly monitored.

The investment advisor is responsible for reviewing the investor’s finances and creating a plan to achieve their goals. Their job is actively monitoring investments and working with investors on their financial goals that change over time. Due to the nature of their work, many investment advisors develop long-term business relationships with investors. The advisor provides an important service, helping investors organize their finances and develop their businesses.

What Are the Types of Investment Advisors?

Investment advisors responsible for managing risk, preparing for risk, and adjusting investment strategies can be divided into four main categories:

  • Registered Representatives,
  • Financial Planners,
  • Financial Advisors,
  • Money Managers.

Registered agents are brokers who are paid commissions for selling investment and insurance products, and banking representatives are investment advisors. They work for what are known as sell-side firms, which are financial institutions that create, promote and sell financial instruments.

Financial planners are investment advisors who manage their client’s finances and are known as financial planners. For example, they can develop a financial plan to help clients manage their college tuition fees.

Financial advisors provide general and personalized financial advice. Money managers make investment decisions on behalf of a client. Money managers work for buying firms such as wealth management firms, fund managers, or hedge funds.

What Are The Qualifications Required in Investment Advisors?

In the investment advisory service, investment advisors are usually required to be trained in a finance-related discipline such as accounting, business, or economics. They should also have sufficient knowledge of investments, taxes, risk management, and estate planning.

An investment advisor should have a very good understanding of the investor’s financial goals and be accessible. In the investment advisory service, people with excellent interpersonal skills are selected for the investment advisor role.

A successful investment advisor must be highly analytical. With good investor skills, they should have good written and verbal communication, a strategic mind, an analytical mind, and good problem-solving skills.

What Are MGC Legal’s Investment Advisory Services?

MGC Legal, which has a wide range of investment consultancy services, provides legal support to investors who want to invest in accordance with their needs and carries out legal processes on behalf of its clients. It offers ideal legal structures to companies and entrepreneurs who intend to establish a company abroad and want to invest abroad. MGC Legal investment advisory service exists to help you make the best and most appropriate investment decisions.

MGC Legal, with its vast experience in the industry, is an expert in identifying strategies for successful investment ventures in such competitive market conditions. It provides the highest quality consultancy services in feasibility, valuation, purchasing, sales, and negotiation management at all stages of investment and management processes and more. Some of the services provided within the scope of investment consultancy are as follows:

  • The best and highest usage studies,
  • Market and feasibility studies,
  • Company, management, and brand search,
  • Management, franchise, leasing, technical service contracts,
  • Valuation and evaluations,
  • Interpretation of third-party reports.

What Are The Benefits of MGC Legal’s Investment Advisory?

Companies engage in international trade through MGC Legal’s investment advice, expand their client portfolio, and gain more. Its international investment consultancy service opens a suitable market door for investor companies that want to take place in the world market and provides the right place for investment. In case of a need for legal support regarding investment processes, the procedures are followed meticulously by the team of professional investment advisors.

With the most accurate legal opinion with its investment advisory service, MGC Legal offers its clients the most useful investment advice, including investment objectives and asset allocation, manager research, and performance monitoring. As with financial advisory services, professional investment advisors actively monitor their investors. It is the ultimate help for investors to formulate and implement their investment strategies and build and maintain their portfolios.

MGC Legal investment consultancy is the right address to have a say in the international arena. Their research, depth of experience, and insights ensure long-term security and growth. Expert advisors establish the best cost balance of the investor plan for all stakeholders. They develop coherent investment strategies that will help achieve long-term goals. The most professional advice on asset allocation is being prepared.

MGC Legal offers customized investment services shaped in line with the demands of investors, including evaluations of investment instruments. The investment consultancy services it provides to its clients are in line with the strategies created by regular monitoring of the relevant sectors and markets. MGC Legal, in the services it provides, exhibits a customer-oriented approach in line with the client’s request, profile, and target. Thus, appropriate investment instruments are determined.

What Are The Responsibilities of MGC Legal’s Investment Advisory Team?

  • Working with clients to set unique investment goals
  • Formulating investment strategies according to client goals,
  • Publishing client documents, including monthly or annual portfolio reports,
  • Managing client documents for tax reporting,
  • Suggesting investment products according to customer needs,
  • Analyzing and researching various markets,
  • Making adjustments to customer investments over time,
  • Communicate openly, consistently, and honestly with clients and always keep them informed of changes in investment strategy.

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