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Our “Foreigner Service Package” is your all-in-one resource for navigating the various processes associated with living, working, and investing in Turkey. This comprehensive service will cover essential topics such as Turkish Citizenship Application, Turkish Citizenship by Investment, Work Permits, and Residence Permits, providing valuable insights and step-by-step instructions tailored for foreigners. Whether you’re an investor, a skilled worker, or simply seeking a new life in Turkey, our service is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to establish your roots in this captivating and diverse country successfully.

Foreigners Law in Turkey, Istanbul

Foreigners Service Package is a legal service provided to companies that want to obtain residence and work permits for their foreign employees. In addition to work and residence permits within the scope of this service, necessary legal support is also provided on issues such as citizenship applications and customs clearance.

So, what is Foreigners Law? What does the Foreigners Service Package include?

What is Foreigners Law?

Foreigners Law is a concept that expresses the legal status of real persons in a foreign country. In addition, the Foreigners Law, which also covers the rights, obligations, and status of the person in a foreign country, examines the legal status of the employees according to the foreign status in terms of legal entities.

Foreigners Law in Turkey is regulated as a sub-branch of International Law. In this framework, other branches of law, such as Public International Law and Administrative Law, are directly or indirectly related to Foreigners Law.

Who is The Lawyer For Foreigners Law?

A lawyer for foreigners is a lawyer who provides services according to the legal needs of foreigners in a foreign country. They provide the solution to legal problems for foreigners. They provide services within the framework of current legislation, case law, and court decisions.

How is Attorney Service Provided For Foreigners Law?

Foreigners Law in Turkey is a branch of law that covers real foreign persons’ personal and material rights.

This law includes many titles such as residence permits and work permits of foreigners, marriage and divorce proceedings from a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, having a child from a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, travels, registration procedures, and citizenship application procedures.

What Are The Services Provided Within The Scope of Foreigners Law Consultancy in Turkey, Istanbul?

The basics provided within the scope of Foreigners Law attorneyship or consultancy services are as follows;

  • Work permit in a company or business in Turkey,
  • Residence permit in Turkey,
  • Legal processes regarding the decisions of the immigration and citizenship department,
  • Turkish citizenship procedures,
  • Procedures regarding the ban on entry into the country,
  • Official processes regarding domestic banking transactions,
  • Processes regarding the establishment of companies by foreigners in Turkey,
  • Marriage procedures of foreigners in Turkey,
  • Divorce procedures of foreigners in Turkey.

What is a Foreigner Work Permit in Turkey?

Foreigner work permit, within the scope of the relevant legislation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, is a document that is issued as an official document by the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services and gives the foreigner the right to work and reside in Turkey within the permit validity period. Some documents are required for foreigner work permit applications. Companies must also submit some documents for their foreign employees.

According to the legislation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the types of foreign work permits are as follows;

  • Temporary work permit,
  • Indefinite work permit,
  • Independent work permit.

How to Apply For a Foreigner Work Permit in Turkey?

A foreign work permit application in Turkey can be made in two ways: a domestic application and an international application.

A foreigner who wants to obtain a work permit from abroad applies for a work visa to the Consulate or Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the country where they currently reside.

A foreign national who wishes to obtain a domestic work permit must have a residence permit for at least six months to obtain a work permit in Turkey. The required work permit application for a foreign worker with a residence permit must be made by the employer’s representative to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security through the online system.

The stages after this are the same for all procedures done at home or abroad. The Ministry makes the necessary examinations and concludes the process.

Foreign employees can work in Turkey for the period determined according to the work permit acquired. When the paperwork is completed in foreigner’s work permit applications, a work permit is given within one month.

What are The Foreigners Law Services of MGC Legal?

MGC Legal provides support in Foreigners Law procedures for the employees of client companies.

MGC Legal provides support in obtaining foreign employees’ residences and work permits. MGC Legal, which strives to ensure that human resources have a high level of mobility within the framework of the companies’ visions, contributes to achieving the companies’ goals.

The following services are provided within the framework of the MGC Legal Foreigners Service Package;

  • Obtaining a foreigner residence permit,
  • Obtaining a work permit for the foreigner,
  • Applications for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and follow-up of processes,
  • Legal support and follow-up of processes in the real estate investment process of foreigners,
  • Marriage process of foreigners in Turkey,
  • Divorce process of foreigners in Turkey,
  • Company establishment procedures for foreigners in Turkey,

As MGC Legal, we provide professional Foreigners Law consultancy for companies. We provide advocacy and legal consultancy services on matters involving foreign elements. We follow up to complete the necessary documents and the conclusion of the process in foreigners’ work permit applications.

We offer fast and precise solutions for foreigners’ work permit requests. We direct and advise companies according to legislative changes.

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