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What is a Lawyer? What Does a Lawyer Do?

What is a Lawyer? What Does a Lawyer Do?

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What Does a Lawyer Do?

Lawyer, offering legal solutions in legal matters or disputes is a profession that represents the person or entities before the judicial bodies, private and legal boards, organizations and institutions to solve the problems through legal means. Lawyering, defined as “self-employment” in the Attorneyship Law, is also a public service. Lawyers can also work on a permanent or contract basis depending on an institution or organization. So what does a lawyer do?

A lawyer is a person who represents their clients in judicial bodies. The lawyer, who is the defender of the suspect during the investigation phase, is the defender of the accused in criminal cases. The lawyer who acts as a proxy for the victim or the complainant during the investigation and prosecution phases becomes the attorney for the plaintiff or the defendant in civil cases. They can follow legal proceedings on behalf of their client in official institutions; regulate legal relations and transactions.

In addition, a lawyer supports the preparation of legal documents such as contracts, warnings, and lawsuit petitions in an official language. In summary, they are the most important assistant to their client in legal proceedings.

What is a Lawyer?

The Turkish Language Association defines the term “lawyer” as follows: “A person who has adopted the profession of guiding those who want to in the affairs of rights and laws, seeking and protecting the rights of others in courts and government offices and who has the conditions required by the law for this.

A lawyer is a person who has the authority to act in the courts on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant’s client. They are responsible for defending the rights of real persons or entities. They help to reveal the truth in court processes. They are always responsible for acting in favour of their client. They do not use evidence that may be against their client.

Who is a Lawyer?

Lawyers are people who have graduated from the law faculties of universities. After university education, it is compulsory to do a lawyer internship. The internship is carried out in court for the first six months and the second 6 months in the presence of a lawyer with at least five years of experience. Those who are successful in their internship; apply to the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey (Turkish Bars Association) to obtain a lawyer’s license. The Turkish Bars Association grants a lawyer’s license after the necessary examinations.

So, what does a lawyer do? A lawyer is a person who has purposes such as the regulation of legal relations, the resolution of legal issues and disputes, and the application of legal rules. At the same time, people who use their legal knowledge and experience for the justice system and individuals are lawyers.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer?

In the legal system, there is no obligation for persons or parties to be represented by a lawyer to resolve legal issues. Anyone can represent themselves in the courts. For this reason, hiring a lawyer in judicial and administrative courts is not necessary.

However, the law is a field that requires a lot of expertise and experience. It is important to know the laws, statutes, and regulations, i.e. legislation, as well as case law and court practices. Otherwise, there is a risk of loss of rights. For this reason, hiring an experienced lawyer in legal matters will always be a logical choice.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

The answer to the question of what a lawyer does also contains the answer to the question of when a lawyer will be needed. Namely, although there is no obligation to hire a lawyer, many litigation processes take a very long time. A lot of information and documents are needed in this process.

Especially in complex cases, it is important to know that a long and difficult process awaits the parties. For this reason, people who do not have sufficient legal knowledge about the case and the competence to defend themselves will need a lawyer.

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