Our Services: MGC Legal, an Istanbul-based, distinguished, and global law firm, provides services in all areas of law. The prominent services of MGC Legal, which has signed long-term partnerships with the most respected brands and organizations of Turkey and the world for years, are Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Disputes, Collection of Receivables (Execution, Bankruptcy, and Concordat), Labor Law, Public Law (Tax), Zoning and Penalty), Private Law (Family, Inheritance, Foundations, and Associations) Real Estate Law, Project Finance, IT Law (Personal Data Protection, E-commerce), Intellectual Rights (Trademark and Patent), and Immigration Law (Citizenship, Residence and There are fields such as Work Permits, Visa). Apart from these, special teams continue to work under the roof of MGC Legal on issues such as FINTECH and Combating Cyberbullying.

MGC Legal adopts a dynamic and innovative approach to ensure that its clients can access up-to-date and accurate information, working with a wide range of consultants consisting of world-leading academicians and professionals, as well as an experienced team specialized in different legal fields, ensuring that the services it provides are distinguished and of the highest quality.