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Investing To Turkey

Turkey as a developing country has shown remarkable performance with its steady growth over the last years. Although the economic and social crisis, Turkey keeps to be attractive for foreign and domestic investors for some strong reasons such as government promotions, qualified workforce and transportation network.

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Key To Bring Down The Prices Of Housing: Application Of “Golden Land Share”

The Land Share; it is one of the most basic concepts in the Property Ownership Law of Houses, and this conception is found when many relationships and institutions are described. The Land Share; which is allocated to independent sections (KMK m.2/d). While "land ownership" is defined in the Law, it is described as "land share ownership and a private property related with the common places in the main real estate property" (KMK m.3/1), while "construction servitude" is defined as an easement type related to the land share (KMK m.3/2).


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The status of tenants given CAP in 2016 for Shopping Centers Partner Expenses

The amendment to the Shopping Centers Regulation removes existing CAPs for common expenses. Agreed parties on a particular CAP in the past may come together and, if they can agree, they can determine a new CAP again.



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Movable pledge in trading operation and pledged movable registry regulations

The Code of Movable Pledge in trading operation no.6750 dated 20.10.2016 “code” was published in Offical Gazette with number 29871 on 28.10.2016, and Pledged Movable Registry Regulations “Regulations “ was published related to this in Offical Gazette on 31.12.2016 by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

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Amendment of the Shopping Centers Regulation

Some changes have just been made to the Shopping Centers Regulation (“Regulation”) which had entered force upon publication of Official Gazette on February 26, 2016, with a text of amendment published on the Official Gazette dated December 30, 2016. The amendments are mainly concerning to how the common expenses (service charges) would to be distributed and also the obligations imposed in respect to security measures that the shopping centers

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