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Capital Increase At Joint Stock Companies Under Turkish Law

The Capital Companies usually prefer increasing their capital to strengthen their capital structure, to meet their needs for additional funds after expansion of their business. Capital increase in the Joint Stock Companies has been regulated at the Article 456 of Turkish Commercial Cod and following provisions.

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Examination of the  Personal Health Data Regulation Entered into Force

Among the personal data, the Regulation on Personal Health Data (“Regulation”) that has a special place in Personal Data Protection Code and entered into force on 21 June 2019 by the Ministry of Health, has taken its place in legislation as an important subsidiary regulation. On the other hand, the Regulation on Implementing Personal Health Data and Ensuring Privacy which used to perform the duty of the Regulation before, has been abolished with the article 23 of the Regulation.

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Examination About Construction Plans And Annulment Processes

According to the Construction Law No. 3194, article 6 with the title “Spatial planning stages”, Spatial plans consist of “Landscaping Plans” and “Construction Plans” stages in accordance with the Spatial Strategy Plans in terms of the area they involve and their purposes. However, construction plans are prepared as land use plans and implementary development plans. Each plan is prepared in accordance with the one in upper stage. Accordingly, while Implementary Development Plans are needed to be prepared in accordance with the Land Use Plans; Land Use Plans are needed to be prepared according to the Landscaping Plans. The Plans are defined in Article no.5 of the Law.

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