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Nuclear Energy Law Under The Paris And Vienna Conventions And Legal Responsibility In Nuclear Accidents

Especially since May 2010, when the first concrete step was taken for the nuclear power plants that have been at the forefront of Turkey's energy agenda for the last fifteen years, a considerable distance has been made. First, the process started with the Russian Federation for the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and the negotiations continued with Japan and France for the construction of a second nuclear power plant in Sinop. In 2015, it was stated that a button was pressed by the authorities for a third power plant in Iğneada and preliminary negotiations were held with Chinese and US companies for its construction.

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Information Note on the Pending Amendment Proposal in Banking Law

With a view to ensure harmonization and compliance with prevailing international standards and best practices across the financial sector; The draft legislative proposal dated 02.06.2020 and numbered 98 which will bring substantial amendments to the Banking Law Numbered 5411 has been submitted to the attention of Turkish Grand National Assembly and is expected to be adopted “as is” maybe with only some slight amendments.

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Capital Increase At Joint Stock Companies Under Turkish Law

The Capital Companies usually prefer increasing their capital to strengthen their capital structure, to meet their needs for additional funds after expansion of their business. Capital increase in the Joint Stock Companies has been regulated at the Article 456 of Turkish Commercial Cod and following provisions.

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