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What is Mobbing in the Turkish Legal System?

“Mobbing” is a new concept recognized by the Turkish legal system. Literally, mobbing means bullying of an individual by a group in any context, such as a family, friends, peers, school, workplace, neighborhood, community, or online. When it occurs in the workplace it falls within the scope of the relevant labor legislation. Mobbing as a legal concept is defined by the Turkish Court of Appeals as “a psychological terror appearing as directing s

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Law on protection of personal datas

Personal data has been defined as “all kind of information belonging to an identified or can be identifiable real persons”. The scope of the personal data does not only include name/surname information and it also includes all physical, social, cultural, economic and psychologic information. The Law On Protection of Personal Data has been enacted by the Parliament and has been published in Official Gazette April 7, 2016. It has become effective

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Obligations Brought To Increase the Efficiency In Energy

The Regulation on Increasing the Efficiency of Energy Sources and Energy Use (“Regulation”) dated 27.10.2011 and numbered 28097 as well as the Energy Efficiency Law (“Law”) dated 18.04.2007 and numbered 5627, have brought new regulations and imposed obligations to increase the efficiency in energy use.

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Expansion of the smoking prohibition and its effects over the shopping malls

Recently, law drafts about health protection, which include new prohibitions, have been submitted to the Parliament. Minister of Health has announced that the scope of the smoking prohibition will be expanded and that regulations on smoking in the playgrounds as well as at the front of the entrances and the exits of the shopping malls and crowded hospitals will be rearranged.

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The regulations envisaged by the new law on protection of the consumers gain force

Three more regulations envisaged by the new Law on Protection of the Consumers which became effective on 28 May 2014 have entered into force. The mentioned regulations which entered into force by publishing at the Official Gazette dated 13 June 2014 and numbered 29029 are as below:

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