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 Basics For Debt Collection In Turkey For Foreign Entities and Real Persons

Parties to a commercial agreement usually reduce into writing their mutual understanding and try to set forth penalties and other clauses in deterrent nature, as much as they can, to protect their best interest in dealing with the counterparty.

Sometimes, parties to a contract fail to live up with the expectations of the other party in meeting their end of the bargain and materially breach their obligations which inevitably lead to commercial court proceedings initiated by the aggrieved party.

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Doing Business - 2020

World Bank Group “Doing Business 2020”, which MGC Legal Managing Partner Att. Mustafa Güneş and Partner Att. Tarık Şahin contributed to the preparation process, was published.

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Turkey Signs The Singapore Convention

In the signing ceremony held in Singapore on 6-7 August, Turkey was one of the countries signing the convention negotiated by 46 different countries including USA, China, India and South Korea. Ministry of Justice Deputy Minister Zekeriya Birkan signed the convention on behalf of our country.

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